17 Jan

How Apps helped increased my productivity and my countertop business in Milwaukee Wisconsin

With the advent of new and improved technology, the work habits of the entrepreneurs and their employees have changed drastically. The evolved technology have made the management and achievement of the goals easier and convenient. I as an entrepreneur is engaged in the business of countertop business and the usage of apps in the present time has boosted my business to a great extent. This progress has however brought with it increased workloads that can be accomplished only by multitasking. This eventually decrease the effectiveness of the individuals in the long run.

The routine tasks are being well-accomplished by the entrepreneurs with the help of the evolved technology. One of the greatest inventions of technology are the mobile apps which have made the accomplishment of the tasks easier and time effective. Below are some of the apps which I use as an entrepreneur regularly and this has certainly enhanced my productivity to a considerable extent.

Evernote- The mobile and web app of Evernote is being very effectively used to keep a track of the day to day expenses that occur in the business. This app is also very effective in managing the calendar. This app is also very effectively used by me in making slideshow presentations and in the process of planning my future trips. It also helps me in keeping track of my daily expenses which is a great feature of this app. With the feature of the digital notebooks of Evernote, it is very convenient for me to take snapshots of the bills and receipts instantly.

Letterspace- It is a priority of the entrepreneurs to take crucial decisions for the betterment of the company’s future without hampering daily tasks and responsibilities. None of us enjoys taking notes but this is essential when we are in a business. Here Letterspace helps me immensely with its free note taking app which helps me in organizing the thoughts in an easy to read and sophisticated feature. This is user-friendly and is a great help to the entrepreneurs.

Humin- The secret behind the success of any business is right connections. The right connections refers to the partnerships, funding sources and potentiality of new business development. It is obvious that the entrepreneurs perpetually keep on meeting prospects and networking for the growth of the business. But it becomes quite impossible to take a track of every meeting. Humin is a great app to keep a track of my meetings.

Listen- This is another app which enhances the productivity of the entrepreneurs to a great extent. This app which is being developed by RealNetworks uses the ringback tone technology for responding to the incoming calls when I am busy in other business operations.

Workflow- This is a great app for the purpose of time management. Time management has great significance in building up of a successful business. Time can be effectively managed only by managing the workflow strategically. With the help of Workflow app, I customize the workflow properly that saves a lot of my valuable time.

So, try out the above apps and this would certainly bring in a positive change in your business and don’t forget to check out my Milwaukee granite countertops business.

25 Jan

The Best Way to Break it All Down: Defragmentation

Surprisingly, there are some users who still, in the year 2016, don’t understand what disc defragmentation is, or even how they should go about doing it. That’s fine; this post isn’t here to judge, but to educate.defrag

Basically, overtime your computer starts racking up a bunch of files or bits of files (fragments) that clutter the background of your computer’s storage. This can chew through your finite amount of storage, as well as absolutely kill your computer’s performance. These fragments appear from everyday use: updating programs, installing new programs, moving/deleting/creating files, and more. What happens is residual files and pieces of files start to collect, much like a trash can in real life; although you empty your can, you’ll almost always find some piece of trash sticking to the bottom.

So how do you get rid of file fragments? Windows comes with a disc defragmenter. And for being a built-in program, it does a fine job. It analyzes your computer for fragmented files, and it takes the ones it can move into groups of similar files. This helps organize loose fragments together, making your computer more efficient.

The other option is finding a quality third party defragmenter for your computer. IOBit, for instance, has a powerful disc defragmenter that is 100% free. A high quality disc defragmenter has more than just a basic cleaning function. You should also be able to choose different hard drives and files to defrag more. Also, having a boot-time defragmentation option is a good idea. You’ll have to wait a little longer for your computer to come back on, but it’ll be worth it. Loose files and fragments floating around will be compressed and grouped before your machine even fully boots, giving you better performance once it is up and running.

Disc defragmentation has come a long way. You shouldn’t have to let it run overnight like you used to. If your disc defragmenter is taking more than, say, half an hour, your using the wrong defragmenter. Even if that happens to be the pre-installed Windows defragmenter, it’s time to find a different one. There are plenty of free defragmentation options available for download, so being stuck with one you hate is no longer necessary.

Now, there is an exception to disc defragmentation. Traditional hard disc drives, the ones that use a spinning platter core to save information, need to be defragged. Solid State Drives, also called SSDs, do not. This is due to solid state drives not having the spinning core, allowing data to not be stored in separate portions.

Newer computers and newer OS versions actually come with an automatic defragmentation function. However, many people find them lacking in terms of how well of a job they do. Even if your computer automatically defrags your hard drive, it’s a good idea to run a full defrag scan yourself.

Defragging your hard drive is one of the easiest ways to speed up your computer and boost performance times. It costs absolutely nothing to do, and is as easy as clicking a button. If you’ve never defragged your computer, you’ll be amazed at how much better your machine will perform afterwards.


This post was sponsored by the guys over at Party Bus Milwaukee.

20 Jan

4 (Mostly Free) Computer Maintenance Tools

Wcomputer-303726_960_720hile Microsoft has done a good job including routine maintenance tools with its software, sometimes you need something with a little more umph, or even something that actually works. From cleaning to protection, Microsoft can’t do it all. And even if they advertise that they can, chances are hackers are going to be on the lookout for Microsoft-based exploits. Using a third party program is the best way to keep your computer safe and cleaned.


IObit Suite

IObit has done a great job of creating dependable performance boosting programs that do a ton for less. Most of their products have a free version; a premium version does exist for all of their products (or else they couldn’t stay in business) but their free stuff works great. They offer several different products to keep your PCs and laptops in tip-top shape: Advanced System Care, Driver Booster, Smart Defrag, IOBit Malware Fighter, IOBit Uninstaller, and more. Their suite of products does a great job of keeping your computer clean and safe. While the updates to install can be annoying, and don’t always register that you already have updated to the latest version, IObit has developed some great programs.



Although fairly well known, AVG has done a great job of keeping itself relevant after all these years. While they still offer quality products (with free versions), they have branched out to cover several different aspects instead of only computer viruses. Unlike many online computer cleaning and protection services, they are offered on more platforms than just Windows. In addition to Windows versions, you can always download protection programs for Mac and for Android, although curiously no version for iPhone. The three core areas that AVG is invested in are virus protection, computer tune up and security. While they are trusted name in computer performance and protection, the constant emails and toolbar popup ads are frustrating. That said, they do a great job at what they were programmed for, and you get a lot of functionality even with the free versions.


CCleaner is another service company that has been around for years, but has been great at keeping themselves changing with the times. Whereas before you would need a downloaded version of their products, they have now moved into the cloud, allowing multiple users on the same license. They still offer a desktop version, but the fewer 3rd party programs that you have to physically host on your machine, the better. The new and improved cloud-based CCleaner boasts such functions as remote bug and registry cleaning, disk defragmentation, software installation, and more. While they only offer a free trial and not a full free version, CCleaner is like having your own personal IT crew.



FixWin is a tried-and-true Windows cleaner and fixing tool to keep your computer running great. It’s been around since at least 2009 and it still does more than most of Microsoft’s built in support tools. It has been updated to include Windows 10 issues, which are plentiful, and is a great addition to your support suite. The main blessing is also a curse; it’s freeware, meaning you should take it with a grain of salt when downloading. That said, FixWin absolutely knocks it out of the park with its Windows support functions.

08 Sep

Project Management Tools

project-managementRunning an online business usually means that you have team members in different locations, sometimes worldwide. Being able to connect with everyone from one central location is important in running an efficient business. The great part about running an online business is that you can incorporate the use of project management tools.  

There are various tools available and some are free while others are paid options. Two of the most popular project management tools are Basecamp and Asana. Both of these tools run in the Cloud so no set up is required.  

The nice thing about these project management systems is that you can upload files and leave messages for team members at any time. Everyone knows they need to log into their account daily to receive updates and new assignments.  

This really makes it easy to manage team members who are spread around the globe in different time zones. All that is needed to access these tools is access to the internet. Plus, many of the tools are accessible via your mobile devices, which makes it simple to stay up to date with any project.  

When using a project management tool, you can create tasks or projects and assign certain people to them. You don’t have to give access to all of your team members at one time either. You simply add them as required.  

Asana is a free project management tool that is used by both small and large business teams. Again you can assign tasks to certain people and track progress via email. It takes a little getting used to but is a simple, yet effective tool.  

With both of these project management tools you will find that you get sent notifications of your team’s activity. This might be on a daily or a weekly basis. An email is sent to all members of the project and everyone can see where each project stands.  A project management tool is a great way to keep your business and your team members organized. Everyone will know the status of a project and you can send out important updates, or schedule a staff meeting easily.  

You don’t necessarily need a team to make use of this type of tool. It would be perfect for freelancers with several clients. They can keep track of work and requests all from one interface. This allows them to schedule out their work and setting delivery dates according to their work load.  

If your business is in need of a little organizing why not try a project management tool today?

01 Sep

How to Properly Delete Files on your Computer

You are typing along and you make a mistake. The first button you reach for on your keyboard is the delete key. It’s almost like a digital white out and it has saved countless mistakes over the years.

4059154289_5799d91e8f_zDelete key is used in multiple places on the computer. It is not just for a misspelled word, but it can also be used to delete a file, erase a picture that is no longer needed, and many, many more. Yes, the delete key is used quite frequently.

But did you know, that when you delete a picture or a file, it’s not really gone and lost forever? That’s right. Just because you hit that delete key, it does not delete the file permanently, but instead, it is dropped into the recycling bin.

Now this is a very good thing. If you accidently hit delete on something that you did not want to delete, you can always go into your recycling bin and find the file and restore it to its original location. A breath of relief for sure!

Many savvy computer users know to clean out their recycling bin on a regular basis by using none other than….the delete key! Yes, it can be deleted from the recycle bin by using the delete key. Most operating systems will warn you when you are about to delete a file and let you know that you are about to permanently delete a file. Then you have to agree to permanently delete that file.

But is it really gone forever?

There is a big difference between deleting a file, File Shredding, and Disk Wiping. Even though you use the delete key, the file or information is not totally annihilated, it is still on the disk. In effect, all that the delete key does is to remove the location or ‘address’ of the file. Basically, that just means that it frees up that particular portion of the disc so that more data can be used in the same space. Keep in mind, that if that same area on the disc is used several times (three – four times) then the original data will permanently disappear. But that happens only after more information is written in the same space, not simply because the delete key was pressed.

Wipe Disc or File Shredding is more of a permanent solution. Think of it like shredding a piece of paper. Sure, there are still bits of paper left around once you shred it and yes, theoretically you could put it back together, but that alone would be next to impossible and take a ton of patience.

When you find it’s necessary to destroy the data completely and all traces of it, you want to perform a “wipe disc’. The only real way to do this is by using a File Shredding software. You will find that there are a lot of good ‘Wipe Disc” software available on the market and they are the best way to ensure the data is gone forever.

This software works by completely overwriting all of the data on the space on the disk several times with gibberish and nonsense. Using this method will make the original data unrecoverable.

One thing to remember though, File Shredding is a great ‘wipe disc’ program but it does have its limitations. Make sure you do your homework in looking at the software and make sure that it is what you need. If you know that you are going to use the File Shredding software, it may be a good idea to wait to do a Defrag until after the information is permanently written over or you could have bits of the information spread throughout your hard drive.

Disk Wipe is the only way to be 100% sure that all of the data and information is completely gone.

28 Aug

Speed up your Computer

You will be hard pressed to come across anyone that does not have a computer these days. In fact, life without a computer is almost unimaginable. Some people would even say that it is impossible to live without a computer in today’s age. There was once a time where the only 3 essentials that you needed to survive was food, clothes, and shelter. But you fast forward to the present time, we have another essential to add to that list. The computer.

Whether it is a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone, computers come in all shapes, sizes, and problems.office-626096_960_720

Having a computer comes with its own measure of problems and difficulties. Even if you are the oddball that keeps your computer covered up and only turns it on once a month, you too will fall victim of having problems with your computer. Now granted, it may take a little longer than the ‘normal’ person, but it is bound to happen. But for the rest of the population that can’t seem to go without their computer, we have to make sure that our computers are working and running in tip top condition.

So how do we make sure that our computers are working as they should be?

The following is only one computer tip and trick will help to answer that question.

One of the first and biggest aspects in ensuring that the computer is functioning properly is to make sure that your computer is not running unnecessarily slow. Who wants a slow computer anyway? Right!? We want these computers to be as fast as lighting and to keep up with us.

One way to help ensure that your computer is keeping up is by running a Scandisk and Defrag – these 2 methods are designed to make your computer run faster. Think of it like having a messy room and you can’t find anything. These two tools will help to organize that room putting things back where they belong so that your system can find them easier.

Scandisk’s function is to go throughout your ‘room’ and find any errors that could be on the hard disk of the computer and correct them. This s like picking up all the trash in your room and getting rid of it.

The Defrag serves in making sure that all of the data files have been ‘picked’ up and stored in the correct place. Once it is ‘organized’, the system can now find the data that it is looking for. Defrag also helps to free up space so that new data can now be stored.

Both of these tools should be performed on a regular basis. Much like keeping your room clean and organized so that you are able to find the things that you are searching for. It helps your computer to not be over loaded and will keep your system error free.

These two operations alone are probably the most important tip and trick among the countless computer tips out there. And I have to say that, it is probably the simplest. This is something that you can do by yourself, you don’t need to pay anyone, and it only takes a couple of minutes of your time.

24 Aug

Online Storage Services

Have you ever thoug5549548570_a5c999773eht about using some type of online storage service for all of your information? It is a great way to free up space on your hard drive and to stay organized. Plus, many online storage services allow you the ability in sharing links with others, so they can access or download your files.  

Two of the most popular online storage services are Dropbox and Box.com. There are many others including Just Cloud, Sugar Sync and Send It. Back up services can also be offered by some of these services, but not all of them do, so be aware of this if that is something you are looking for.  

When reviewing this type of storage service, you should keep a few things in mind such as:

  • Storage Space
  •  Sharing Capabilities
  •  Can Deleted files be restored
  •  What are the file types that are supported
  •  Can mobile devices access the files
  •  If there are technical issues, is customer support available
  •  Password protected sharing
  •  What are the platforms that are supported
  •  Are backup services offered

Storage Space

This is a really important consideration; you will find that some services will only include a very limited amount of free storage. Once you go over that limit, you are required to start paying. Some providers will charge you a set price per GM for example, while other services will charge a flat fee for unlimited storage. The former one is usually your best option if you have a lot of files and documents to save.  

Features Offered 

You need to make a decision what options, if any, you may want. you will solely want to store your personal files and photos as backup protection. If you run a business you would probably want to find options that include online syncing, sharing of files, deleted files restoration, file protection, and many more.

Something else that you may want to think about is to always make sure that you save or backup any type of your digital files. This will include things like photos, documents, data files, spreadsheets, videos, etc. If you have more than one device, you want to make sure that you can access those files from any of your devices.

Easy to Use 

Your on-line storage ought to be simple to access and use. Search for a system that permits you to drag and drop files into your account. Another thing that you will want is the ability to search and locate your documents and data files easily. Make sure that you look for an easy storage system that does not have a large learning curve. 

Customer Service customer-service-1433639_960_720

Any honorable on-line storage supplier ought to provide some kind of help and support. This could be having a massive online forum or database or they’ll have a client network which incorporates, email, on-line chat and phone support. 

By using the above tips, you should have no problem finding and using the best online storage service for your own needs.

22 Aug

Efficient Time Management Tools

Managing your time online is something that everyone can benefit from. Even the best doctors, lawyers, and business professionals can easily get distracted while running their online business. Knowing how to manage your time better will allow you to be efficient and more organized in not just your business but in your personal life too.

Today, it is very simple to find an assortment of time management tools that you can download and use. This includes something as simple as timers that help you stay on task, to more complex tools that allow you to plan and manage your entire day.  

Time Management Appstime-1126254_960_720

Things – this is a great tool time management which is available for Apple users. You just type in all the things you need to get done and if necessary you can add a time limit to them. The app will then create you a daily to-do list based on those items that you added. You can choose to print your list or share it digitally.  

Rescue Time – this is an incredible app that will help you to discover just where your time goes. This app is suitable for Apple and Android as well as Desktops. It runs in the background and will time your activities on where you spend your time. Each time you open a new program or change a Window the app will track your time. You may discover that you spend way too much time on Facebook or checking your email.  

Freckle – is a time management tool that helps you schedule out your work day. It is great for freelancers as you can plan out how much work you have and whether or not you can take on a new client. Another cool thing about the app is that if you schedule too much work in any time period, the app will alert and notify you.  

Calendar Apps  calendar-999172_960_720

Calendars are a great tool for planning out your day as well as activities whether it’s a monthly, weekly or daily basis. Google Calendar is one that you may already use, which is free. But did you know that there are apps which will help sync this calendar to your mobile devices as well?  

CalenGo – this Android app that will sync your Google Calendar to your Smartphone. This allows you to be able to sync all of your calendars from your mobile device. This means you will never lose track of your important tasks and appointments.  

Donna & Tempo – these are calendar type apps that will take you to the next level. These apps will become your personal assistant and will help you to avoid traffic by finding the best route home. The app will send you reminders to you of your appointments and Tempo offers one click conference calls.  

By using these time management tools that we mentioned above, you can really become an efficient person. No more missing your child’s sporting event or running late for meetings!