24 Aug

Online Storage Services

Have you ever thoug5549548570_a5c999773eht about using some type of online storage service for all of your information? It is a great way to free up space on your hard drive and to stay organized. Plus, many online storage services allow you the ability in sharing links with others, so they can access or download your files.  

Two of the most popular online storage services are Dropbox and Box.com. There are many others including Just Cloud, Sugar Sync and Send It. Back up services can also be offered by some of these services, but not all of them do, so be aware of this if that is something you are looking for.  

When reviewing this type of storage service, you should keep a few things in mind such as:

  • Storage Space
  •  Sharing Capabilities
  •  Can Deleted files be restored
  •  What are the file types that are supported
  •  Can mobile devices access the files
  •  If there are technical issues, is customer support available
  •  Password protected sharing
  •  What are the platforms that are supported
  •  Are backup services offered

Storage Space

This is a really important consideration; you will find that some services will only include a very limited amount of free storage. Once you go over that limit, you are required to start paying. Some providers will charge you a set price per GM for example, while other services will charge a flat fee for unlimited storage. The former one is usually your best option if you have a lot of files and documents to save.  

Features Offered 

You need to make a decision what options, if any, you may want. you will solely want to store your personal files and photos as backup protection. If you run a business you would probably want to find options that include online syncing, sharing of files, deleted files restoration, file protection, and many more.

Something else that you may want to think about is to always make sure that you save or backup any type of your digital files. This will include things like photos, documents, data files, spreadsheets, videos, etc. If you have more than one device, you want to make sure that you can access those files from any of your devices.

Easy to Use 

Your on-line storage ought to be simple to access and use. Search for a system that permits you to drag and drop files into your account. Another thing that you will want is the ability to search and locate your documents and data files easily. Make sure that you look for an easy storage system that does not have a large learning curve. 

Customer Service customer-service-1433639_960_720

Any honorable on-line storage supplier ought to provide some kind of help and support. This could be having a massive online forum or database or they’ll have a client network which incorporates, email, on-line chat and phone support. 

By using the above tips, you should have no problem finding and using the best online storage service for your own needs.

22 Aug

Efficient Time Management Tools

Managing your time online is something that everyone can benefit from. Even the best doctors, lawyers, and business professionals can easily get distracted while running their online business. Knowing how to manage your time better will allow you to be efficient and more organized in not just your business but in your personal life too.

Today, it is very simple to find an assortment of time management tools that you can download and use. This includes something as simple as timers that help you stay on task, to more complex tools that allow you to plan and manage your entire day.  

Time Management Appstime-1126254_960_720

Things – this is a great tool time management which is available for Apple users. You just type in all the things you need to get done and if necessary you can add a time limit to them. The app will then create you a daily to-do list based on those items that you added. You can choose to print your list or share it digitally.  

Rescue Time – this is an incredible app that will help you to discover just where your time goes. This app is suitable for Apple and Android as well as Desktops. It runs in the background and will time your activities on where you spend your time. Each time you open a new program or change a Window the app will track your time. You may discover that you spend way too much time on Facebook or checking your email.  

Freckle – is a time management tool that helps you schedule out your work day. It is great for freelancers as you can plan out how much work you have and whether or not you can take on a new client. Another cool thing about the app is that if you schedule too much work in any time period, the app will alert and notify you.  

Calendar Apps  calendar-999172_960_720

Calendars are a great tool for planning out your day as well as activities whether it’s a monthly, weekly or daily basis. Google Calendar is one that you may already use, which is free. But did you know that there are apps which will help sync this calendar to your mobile devices as well?  

CalenGo – this Android app that will sync your Google Calendar to your Smartphone. This allows you to be able to sync all of your calendars from your mobile device. This means you will never lose track of your important tasks and appointments.  

Donna & Tempo – these are calendar type apps that will take you to the next level. These apps will become your personal assistant and will help you to avoid traffic by finding the best route home. The app will send you reminders to you of your appointments and Tempo offers one click conference calls.  

By using these time management tools that we mentioned above, you can really become an efficient person. No more missing your child’s sporting event or running late for meetings!