About Me

My name is Carson Newton and I built my first computer when I was twelve years old. It was a gaming PC that was meant to be the biggest and baddest piece of tech on the block. The computer did not underdeliver. With an Intel Core 2 Duo processor (Yep, all the way back to a Core 2 processor) and the nForce 680i chipset motherboard, this thing was a BEAST. Until I clicked on a random email and received a virus that left the CPU essentially unusable. That was my first lesson in computer security. 

In the years following, I’ve built computers, software, and everything in between. I still indulge my gaming routes. I currently play Call of Duty Warzone in my free time at night and check back in on my WoW characters every once in a great while. Though my main focus these days is on digital privacy, technology, and security. In the last year there has been an unthinkable amount of successful digital scams and data leaks. I don’t have a friend who hasn’t received some type of notification stating that their information may have been stolen through a data hack. 

We’re at a very strange time in human history where our personal information is being sold, stolen, and used by people all across the world. I’ve worked with governments, organizations, and individuals to help protect valuable data. With this blog my goal is to provide useful and actionable information that you can use right now to make yourself that much safer. User privacy may seem like an unscalable mountain, but with a bit of forward thinking, I believe we can get this problem resolved. Then the internet, can truly work for us.