17 Jan

X Best Productivity Apps in 2023 That Could Change Your Life

My business in Milwaukee, WisconsinWith the advent of new and improved technology, the work habits of the entrepreneurs and their employees have changed drastically. The evolved technology have made the management and achievement of the goals easier and convenient. I as an entrepreneur is engaged in the business of countertop business and the usage of apps in the present time has boosted my business to a great extent. This progress has however brought with it increased workloads that can be accomplished only by multitasking. This eventually decrease the effectiveness of the individuals in the long run.

The routine tasks are being well-accomplished by the entrepreneurs with the help of the evolved technology. One of the greatest inventions of technology are the mobile apps which have made the accomplishment of the tasks easier and time effective. Below are some of the apps which I use as an entrepreneur regularly and this has certainly enhanced my productivity to a considerable extent.

Evernote- The mobile and web app of Evernote is being very effectively used to keep a track of the day to day expenses that occur in the business. This app is also very effective in managing the calendar. This app is also very effectively used by me in making slideshow presentations and in the process of planning my future trips. It also helps me in keeping track of my daily expenses which is a great feature of this app. With the feature of the digital notebooks of Evernote, it is very convenient for me to take snapshots of the bills and receipts instantly.

Letterspace- It is a priority of the entrepreneurs to take crucial decisions for the betterment of the company’s future without hampering daily tasks and responsibilities. None of us enjoys taking notes but this is essential when we are in a business. Here Letterspace helps me immensely with its free note taking app which helps me in organizing the thoughts in an easy to read and sophisticated feature. This is user-friendly and is a great help to the entrepreneurs.

Humin- The secret behind the success of any business is right connections. The right connections refers to the partnerships, funding sources and potentiality of new business development. It is obvious that the entrepreneurs perpetually keep on meeting prospects and networking for the growth of the business. But it becomes quite impossible to take a track of every meeting. Humin is a great app to keep a track of my meetings.

Listen- This is another app which enhances the productivity of the entrepreneurs to a great extent. This app which is being developed by RealNetworks uses the ringback tone technology for responding to the incoming calls when I am busy in other business operations.

Workflow- This is a great app for the purpose of time management. Time management has great significance in building up of a successful business. Time can be effectively managed only by managing the workflow strategically. With the help of Workflow app, I customize the workflow properly that saves a lot of my valuable time.

So, try out the above apps and this would certainly bring in a positive change in your business and don’t forget to check out other blogs.