08 Sep

These Are Best Project Management Tools You’re Looking for in 2023

Running an online business usually means that you have team members in different locations, sometimes worldwide. Being able to connect with everyone from one central location is important in running an efficient business. The great part about running an online business is that you can incorporate the use of project management tools.

There are various tools available and some are free while others are paid options. Two of the most popular project management tools are Basecamp and Asana. Both of these tools run in the Cloud so no set up is required.

The nice thing about these project management systems is that you can upload files and leave messages for team members at any time. Everyone knows they need to log into their account daily to receive updates and new assignments.

This really makes it easy to manage team members who are spread around the globe in different time zones. All that is needed to access these tools is access to the internet. Plus, many of the tools are accessible via your mobile devices, which makes it simple to stay up to date with any project.  

When using a project management tool, you can create tasks or projects and assign certain people to them. You don’t have to give access to all of your team members at one time either. You simply add them as required.  

Asana is a free project management tool that is used by both small and large business teams. Again you can assign tasks to certain people and track progress via email. It takes a little getting used to but is a simple, yet effective tool.  

With both of these project management tools you will find that you get sent notifications of your team’s activity. This might be on a daily or a weekly basis. An email is sent to all members of the project and everyone can see where each project stands. A project management tool is a great way to keep your business and your team members organized. Everyone will know the status of a project and you can send out important updates, or schedule a staff meeting easily.  

You don’t necessarily need a team to make use of this type of tool. It would be perfect for freelancers with several clients. They can keep track of work and requests all from one interface. This allows them to schedule out their work and setting delivery dates according to their work load.  

If your business is in need of a little organizing why not try a project management tool today?